August 2016


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It is hard to imagine the world without social media.But slightly more than a decade ago this was a reality. You had to pick up a phone and call your friends and family to hear how they were faring. This isn’t the case any more; you can find out how your family and friends are doing on Facebook.

The use of social media is no longer limited to personal use. Businesses now use social media to meet their objectives.

Some businesses use social media to sell their products and services. The instant nature of social media makes it ideal for sales. When businesses sell via social media, they are likely to include discounts, coupons, limited-time deals, new releases and promotions in their updates.

The most typical social media approach is positioning yourself as a resource. Content marketing professionals recognize social media channels as conduits and use them to pass information to fans, followers and customers. When businesses follow this approach, their updates are likely to include: tips, advice and links to interesting or industry-related articles and resources.

All companies want to give their customers the best experience possible, and right now that means providing customer service on social media. These days, many customers choose to bypass annoying phone menus and hold times in favor of a quick social media update (tweets are particularly popular). If you’re providing customer service online, many of your interactions will include tips, tricks and hacks, information on how to use your product or service and solutions to complaints.

Social media has become an indispensable tool for business and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. Watch this space for how to effectively use this tool to meet your goals.

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