October 2016


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Everyone from mom and pop shops to large corporations is rushing to the social media bandwagon. It is a mad rush to exploit the most profitable social media platform.

As with most gold rushes, the people who are going to get rich are the folks selling the pickaxes. A few will strike the mother lode, but the real winners are the platforms themselves.

So, is social media worthless? Far from it! Social media is one of the best marketing platforms that any business or individual can use. We just have to learn how to use it effectively so as to achieve our goals. We will explore ways of leveraging social media to attain our goals. Before we explore specific steps for attaining this, we need to be reminded that marketing has always been and will always be about connections regardless of the mechanisms we employ.

1. Speak to the person

Marketing as stated earlier is all about connecting with people who are or will become your customers. Behind the profiles and handles, are real people with real needs, passions and desires. Your task is to connect with them, showing them that they can trust you, and that your can enrich their lives in a manner that results in profits for your business.

2. Give first

The primary task of using a social media platform is to build trust with with your potential customers. If you decide to sell via social media, ensure that it’s not more than 10 percent of your content.

3. Pick the right platform

You need to pick the platform(s) where most of your customers and potential customers are and invest most of your social media marketing resources to those platforms. You need to be careful not to spread yourself too thin trying to cover all your bases.

4. Start small

Closely related to picking the right platform is starting small. Start with one or two platforms, and then increase your presence from there.

You should also be careful not to overinvest by rushing out to hire a full-time social media specialist. You should instead look around your company and find someone who is interested in taking on the added responsibility.

5. Look beyond the “likes”

You shouldn’t judge the success of a social media campaign solely on the number of likes and other similar metrics. While they may be good indicators of success, they should be supplemented by these other metrics:

  • Reach, Likes, and Shares – This soft metrics of social lets you know you are keeping your audience engaged.
  • Social Referral Traffic and Goal Completions (Measured through Google Analytics) – You can figure out who is coming from social media and either buying something or filling in a lead form on your website (cha-ching!).
  • Social Media Leads – Yes, you can drive business leads from prospects straight on social media.
  • Increased Search Engine Rankings & New Inbound links – Having a presence on social media can have a huge effect on any other organic or SEO programs you are running. Social media can be a key component of driving search engine traffic to your website.
  • Increases in Branded Traffic (Measured by Google Analytics) – If you are keeping your audience engaged and getting prospects “warmed up” on social, you should see an increase of consumers searching for your brand in search engines.

6. Measure your results based on goals

Knowing that results are more than just “likes”, your need to decide how you will measure the results before starting any social media marketing activity, as well the specifics metrics you will use to determine success.

Every business will have its definition of social media success. Decide what’s important to you before you kick off your campaign.

7. Commit to it

Most businesses will start their social media campaigns with a bang but then they let their campaigns fizzle out after a few weeks. To avoid this, start with something small that you can handle, like say, a post daily, of weekly so that your company can stay relevant.

Social media can be one of the best investments your company can make. You just have to be smart about it so as to reap the benefits that accrue from it. Quadrant softwares is leader in social media marketing. You can talk to us at info@quadrantsoftwares.com.

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