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Facebook is by far the biggest social media platform and as such will form a great part of most business’ social media marketing strategy.

Facebook is one of the best drivers of conversions and sales for a lot of businesses.

Given its status as the pre-eminent social media platform and it’s status as the best driver for conversions and sales, it is imperative that businesses learn how to effectively use Facebook to so as to achieve their goals.

The following are strategies that you can follow to achieve your business’ goals:

1. The evergreen strategy

Find content that impacts the reader, makes them feel, or to cause an action. The content should be engaging with the intended goal of creating an interaction. Engagement is key; a like is great a comment is better. Always focus on what value you can bring.

So, how do you do this in practise:

i. Fill in the bio completely.
ii. Use the right hashtags.
iii. Maintain relvancy in content, simple vocabulary and right grammar.
iv. Be communicative [rather] than broadcasting or salesy
v. Visual content impacts more.

2. Treat Facebook as a goldmine and not a dump site.

Most people in marketing use their Social Media as a dumping ground for links back to their articles, offers, etc, and hope someone will take up an interest. Truth is, most people are only interested in their own voice. By showing an interest in their voice you can turn your social media marketing from a Dumping Ground to a Gold mine.

Spend a week where you post nothing to social media. Instead, select a platform that best represents your audience (…) [and] find people talking either about your brand or your niche. In particular, look for problems you can solve.

Start talking to them. Point them to a resource. Comment or offer some suggestions.

If you want to build bridges in your niche, link prospecting or guest post opportunities, respond to one or two of their tweets in a helpful way, retweet it and if they seem responsive, pitch an offer.

3. Use Facebook ads

You may hate it, but investing on Facebook ads will give your business a lift especially if you’re a start-up or a small business.

Facebook ads aren’t expensive as you might think; you will love them once you tried to test them to get the best conversion that can impact your followers and your business growth. Consistent testing and experiments are necessary once you use them.

4. Leverage existing traffic to your website

You can easily leverage the existing traffic on your site by putting social media icons that can be seen and clicked, which are direct links to your Facebook page and any other social media account pages you have.

5. Promote your Facebook page instore

Do your customers come to your store? Promoting your Facebook page and other social media accounts in-store is just another great way to let your customers know that you are on Facebook.

Remember that if you’re exerting efforts on your Facebook marketing online, you should also do it offline.

6. Determine the best days and times to post

By going to your Posts Insights, you will be able to see the average time when your fans are online.

In case you’re planning to schedule three posts, you might want to check the best hours that your fans are online and select those hours on scheduling your post.

You can access your Posts Insights by following the steps below:

i. Go to your Facebook Page.
ii. You will see “See Insights” above your Page, click it.
iii. You will see your Insights overview from there, find the Posts tab and click it.
iv. Hover your mouse on the day you want your post to be scheduled and you will able to see the best hours that your fans are online.

By following the strategies outlined above, you will be able to effectively leverage Facebook. Should you have any inquiries about using Facebook to market your business, you can reach us


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    It’s good to see someone thikinng it through.

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