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increase-productivity-work-waysOne of the most important factors that determines a business’ success is the productivity of its employees. But what is productivity? Simply put, productivity is how much each employee makes over a specified period of time. The productivity of any business can be traced to it’s ability to successfully execute an overall strategy, and highly productive and engaged employees are crucial in achieving this. Information technology is now widely used in business to improve business productivity through prcess improvement, product innovation, and new worker skill.

Information technology can improve employee productivity by giving them secure and consistent access to information allowing the business to react quickly to business changes thus allowing you to keep ahead of your competitors.

Technology also allows a firms employees to reach the people they need anywhere and any time. VPNs(Virtual Private Networks), for instance, allow employees to work away from the office while accessing the corporate network securely.

Collaborations are also much easier when technologies such as interactive calendaring, videoconferencing and unified communications are deployed. Employees, partners, suppliers, and customers can work together efficiently while minimizing costs.

Streamlined customer communications are achievable with the deployment of appropriate technology. The use of CRM(Customer Relationship Management) systems are a sure-fire way of keeping customers satisfied.

Project completion rates can be vastly improved by using technology effectively. Project management software/systems allow for the tracking of projects thus ensuring that projects are on track and everyone is pulling their weight.

The use of IT can be a valuable tool for increasing a business’ productivity, but without careful selection of the appropriate technologies for the specific industry and comprehensive employee training, it can serve to reduce productivity, profitability and employee morale and satisfaction. Firms therefore have to ensure that the technologies they use are right for them and that they in a cost-effective manner.


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