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Many business are moving aspects of their business online owing the continued proliferation of the internet. One of these aspects is ticketing. This makes a lot of sense as we’ll see soon.

The thing about the internet is that it’s a great equalizer: small and medium-sized enterprises can have a great web presence as the biggest businesses.

So, why would your business consider selling it’s tickets and reservations online?

1. Open 24/7 to receive reservations.

Many customers surf the Internet outside of business hours and they are more likely to make reservations on the spot that trying to remember to call back the next day.

An Online booking system allows you to receive booking 24 hours a day; therefore, your booking service is always open.

2. You can maximize your reservations.

Customers who book their own reservations are more likely to show up, making no-shows a thing of the past. If a customer does need to cancel, the spot automatically opens online, giving another customer the chance to book it. By maximizing your reservations, you won’t leave unused activity spots or rentals on the table.

3. Payments are made faster.

With an online booking system, you can require customers to prepay for activities and rentals. This puts money into your pocket faster and helps make sure that on the day of the event you don’t have to worry about payment — giving you and your customers more time to have fun.

4. You are not tied to a phone.

Online booking means you capture more potential business because reservations and information are always available. It also means you won’t get caught in a dreaded game of telephone tag.

5. You get valuable insights into your business

An online booking system provides you with a dashboard of analytics that help you grow your business. Quickly determine your most popular sellers, the most requested time slots, or even the most popular add-ons by using an online booking system with robust insights. Take advantage of knowing what your customers want most — saving you time and money on offerings that don’t help your business grow.

6. It’s cheaper for both your business and your clients.

There are various ways you save money by purchasing an e- or mobile ticket. You save on the transportation costs you would’ve incurred travelling to a retail outlet, plus you save on the service fee as this is usually higher for physical tickets due to production and other costs, such as labour costs.

While online ticketing offers compelling advantages, it is not without some of it challenges. For one, your clients have to have internet access. Also, you have to be prepared for an influx of new customers. Despite these drawbacks, online ticketing is the way to go for most businesses.

Q–Ticket is product by Quadrant Softwares that aims to help the people in and visiting towns/cities easily find events and places of interest to visit. Q-Ticket also allows event organizers and sponsors to promote and sell tickets faster and easily. It also provides a dashboard to view reports on turn up, revenue and trends of their reveller. Feel free to reach out to us a to discuss how we can help your business implement online ticketing.


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